Monday December 16, 2019 (room 2212)
9:00 9:30 Registration & coffee
9:30 10:30 Invited speaker: Heidi Harley (University of Arizona) Hiaki root number suppletion
10:30 11:00 Break
11:00 11:40 Joanna Wall (Utrecht University and the Meertens Institute) The syncretism and distinct lexical semantics of auxiliaries
11:40 12:20 Laura Grestenberger (University of Vienna) and Dalina Kallulli (University of Vienna) Cross-categorial syncretism: evidence from diminutives
12:20 14:00 Lunch
14:00 14:40 Laura Kalin (Princeton University) When allomorphy meets infixation: Cyclicity and separation
14:40 15:20 Eva-Maria Remberger (University of Austria) and Natascha Pomino (University of Wuppertal) Romance root suppletion and cumulative exponence: Fusion, pruning, spanning
15:20 15:50 Break
15:50 16:30 Matthew Baerman (Surrey Morphology Group) and Jérémy Pasquereau (Surrey Morphology Group) Multidimensional features with linear morphology: the case for an independent morphological level of representation
16:30 17:10 Karen De Clercq (Ghent University) Solving a Korean locality paradox
17:10 17:50 Pavel Caha (Masaryk university) Contextual allomorphy vs. portmanteaus: the case of suppletive nominatives
19:00 Conference dinner
Tuesday December 17, 2019 (room 2212)
9:00 9:30 Coffee
9:30 10:30 Invited speaker: Michal Starke (Masaryk university) Doing irregularities without losing your principles
10:30 11:00 Break
11:00 11:40 Jane Middleton (UCL) Investigating pseudo-ABA patterns of syncretism in the pronominal domain
11:40 12:20 Vassilios Spyropoulos (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), Giorgos Markopoulos (University of the Aegean / Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and Anthi Revithiadou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) Allomorphy in Greek verbal inflection as result of phonological computation
12:20 14:00 Lunch break
14:00 14:40 Laura Grestenberger (University of Vienna) Voice allomorphy and Voice syncretism in Classical and Modern Greek passives
14:40 15:20 Lena Baunaz (University of Zurich) and Eric Lander (Stockholm University) A nanosyntactic analysis of mood selection in French and Balkan languages
15:20 16:00 Trang Phan (Vietnam National University-Hanoi) Vietnamese Interrogative/Negative syncretism and beyond
16:00 16:30 Break
16:30 17:30 Invited speaker: Hagit Borer (QMUL) Finding your Voice