CRISSP Seminar: Marcos Silva

CRISSP is happy to announce another installment in the CRISSP Seminar series:

Lecturer: Marcos Silva (Department of Philosophy, Federal University of Ceará (UFC), Brazil)

Title: Applying truth table metaphysics to the color exclusion problem

Date & time: Monday May 12, 2014, 17.00-18.30

Location: CRISSP/KULeuven HUBrussel, Stormstraat 2 (Hermes building), room 3407

Participation: free

This talk will be devoted to the topic why colors and their organization are relevant for the Philosophy of Logic. To that end, the focus will be on how colors radically challenged Wittgenstein´s Tractatus, especially his image of Logic and the notational system. Colors taught the young Wittgenstein some fine logical relations which, although a priori and necessary, go far beyond those of his early Philosophy. This represented the first step outside the Tractatus and a new path for Wittgenstein’s mature philosophy to come.