CRISSP Seminar: Walter Daelemans

CRISSP is happy to announce another installment in the CRISSP Seminar series:

Lecturer: Walter Daelemans (CLiPS Research Center, University of Antwerp)

Title: Three levels of knowledge extraction from text

Date & time: Monday May 19, 2014, 17.00-18.30

Location: CRISSP/KULeuven HUBrussel, Stormstraat 2 (Hermes building), room 3407

Participation: free

Handout: Download the presentation (pdf)


I will give an overview of current work on Natural Language Understanding in our research group. One of the goals of our research is to develop methods for the extraction of knowledge from text in such a way that it can be reused in a range of text analytics applications. I distinguish three levels of knowledge extraction: at the objective level, we extract events (linked relations between concepts) and handle negation and modality, at the subjective level, we extract opinion and sentiment, and at the meta-level we extract psychological and sociological information about the authors of the texts (age, gender, personality, region). I will illustrate with a few applications of these levels and their combination, and go into the methodology used (based on statistics and machine learning).