Cora Pots

Campus: Brussel
Room: B-04-12
E-mail: cora.pots{AT}kuleuven{DOT}be

Curriculum Vitae

Cora Pots (°1990) studied Language- and Culture studies at Utrecht University, with a major in linguistics and modern literature (2010-2013). She continued her studies with the Research Master Linguistics, also at Utrecht University (UiL-OTS), focusing on syntax and (syntactic) language variation (2013-2015).  Cora finished and defended her PhD entitled Roots in progress. Semi-lexicality in the Dutch and Afrikaans verbal domain in February 2020. Currently, she is working as a postdoctoral researcher on cross-categorial scalarity markers.

Research interests

  • Syntactic variation
  • Verb clusters
  • (Morpho-)syntactic variation in Dutch dialects
  • The clausal left periphery
  • Wh-movement
  • Subject/object asymmetries
  • Expletives
  • The syntax/semantics interface
  • Methodology/statistics in linguistic research