Auxiliaries and Structural Gaps – Current Issues in Nanosyntax

CRISSP is happy to announce the Starke Lectures, a three-day lecture series by Michal Starke:

Lecturer: Michal Starke (University of Tromsø)

Title: Auxiliaries and structural gaps – current issues in Nanosyntax

Date & time: 18, 20, 22 March 2013, 10.00-13.00

Location: CRISSP/Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel, Stormstraat 2, room 3201.


In these lectures, I will follow up on some traditional themes of nanosyntax (such as Germanic verbal morphology) and will look at several topics that remain mysterious in current syntactic research, such as the structure and order of auxiliaries, the nature of so-called 'categories', the still-unsolved problem of affix-hopping, the so-called Bobaljik-paradox for cartography, etc. I will strive to derive properties of these phenomena without adding to the spartan theoretical apparatus of nanosyntax, mostly by tracing them back to the interaction between phrasal spellout and hostile environments for phrasal spellout: structures with gaps in them, stretches of structure that are not constituents, etc. 

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